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The attorneys at Wetherington Hamilton P.A. have many years of experience in Construction Law representing contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers, and owners. Unlike an online lien filing service, we offer personal service when construction liens are necessary.  We offer competitive flat rate fees for preparing construction lien documents.  We offer our clients knowledge in all areas that construction encompasses by offering our unique perspective as a result of our experience and expertise in this practice area. 

We can advise you regarding the significant effects of a contract provision including “pay when paid” and “no damages for delay” clauses, licensing and insurance requirements, liquidated damages, draw schedules, remedies resulting from breaches of the contract, and warranty rights and claims. Our attorneys can counsel you during and after construction as to how to make payments, obtaining draws and closing out a contract after completion including on bonded jobs. 

We can also counsel clients in reference to sales and acquisitions of construction companies and subcontractors. 

Give us a call to discuss how we can help and streamline your construction business, your construction project, or just file a lien.

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