Do You Really Want to Hire an Aggressive Lawyer?

lawyerIf you live in Tampa, you no doubt have seen the billboards for the personal injury law firm touting themselves as the “Aggressive Law Firm”.   I have wondered what this means for a lawyer to be aggressive. Does it mean that the lawyer throws coffee on opposing counsel? (See this article) Or worse, does the lawyer break laws or rule to get the win.

When you are shopping for a lawyer, what should you look for? Aggressive sounds good but what does it mean. Our firm is focused on solving your disputes, helping you in a time of need, and keeping you out of trouble so you can run your business or go about your life. I have seen “Aggressive” lawyers in court represent themselves above their client’s best interests. Our focus is on ensuring that your interests come first. If this means presenting your case to a judge or jury, we will focus on the facts and present them passionately and logically on your behalf. At the same time, however, we are respectful to the judge and to opposing counsel. An aggressive attorney creates a controversy between the lawyers that doesn’t need to exist. Creating unnecessary conflict hampers your goal of resolving your conflict.

Finally, our lawyers strive to keep you out of trouble. This occurs through advice and counsel at the contract stage or prior to filing a lawsuit. Our attorney’s want you to understand the costs of litigation before you get into the case. In addition, we work with our clients to handle collections suits and other types of suits on a percentage of the amount recovered or with other alternative fee arrangements if at all possible.

So when you chose a lawyer, ask the legal community what they think of the attorney. If they give you a resounding yes, then that is the firm and attorney to hire.

Theodore J. Hamilton, Esq.

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