Debt Collection and Judgment Collection – Hiring an Experienced Attorney Counts

Debt Collection Attorney

Debt Collection AttorneyAfter having practiced law for over 25 years, you would think I would have seen everything. Yet, every day presents a new type of matter with slightly different facts from the others that have come across my desk. From the debtor who paid his $850 dollar debt with a box of quarters, to the interesting friend who paid the debt of his other friend after having been served at the nudist resort, each case is interesting in its own way. Each matter teaches us something new: A new way to deal with litigation, a new way that an individual or entity can try to hide assets, a new way to collect on a judgment. This experience helps us collect a judgment or collect a debt where other attorneys might find the judgment uncollectable.

Our experience lends itself to Judgment enforcement and debt collection when all seems lost. For example, one of our clients sold his business to someone who failed to pay the remaining amount due on a note for the sale of the business. After lengthy litigation in another state, a judgment entered in the case for over $200,000.00. The attorney in the other state called us to assist in collection of the judgment. The debtor had moved to Florida. (This often happens due to Florida’s unlimited homestead exemption).  We immediately filed paperwork to localize the foreign judgment in Florida. (This made the Foreign Judgment a valid Florida Judgment). After taking the deposition of the debtor, we found that the debtor had supported his wife and paid his son extensive amounts over the years prior to entry of the judgment. All of his money had gone into his wife’s account or into a joint account. At this point, we sued the wife and son on a fraudulent transfer theory. After setting the wife and son for deposition and moving for a trial, we settled the case for a substantial amount.

Example after example exists where our experience has proven extremely valuable in judgment collection and judgment enforcement.   Our firm handles debt collection, Judgment collection and other commercial litigation on a contingency or hourly basis depending on what works best for the client. If you have a debt that is due to you or a judgment that has gone uncollected, let us know. We can help! Please call Ted Hamilton, Kalei Blair or Thomas Sciarrino in our office or email for more information.

Theodore J. Hamilton, Esq. 

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7 years ago

Wow! Paying an $850 debt with quarters! That’s one way to make a statement!

Ted Hamilton
6 years ago
Reply to  Adrienne

It was definitely a unique payment. We made the settlement contingent upon confirming the 850 added up correctly per the bank. Ted Hamilton